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April 18, 2019

A trick for moving MsgBox windows. How to Move a Message Box (MsgBox) Window (AutoHotkey Trick)

April 11, 2019

When to Rewrite Your AutoHotkey Scripts—a fix for the slow speed of the HotstringLoad subroutine for the  InstantHotstring.ahk script.

April 4, 2019

New Alternative Free AutoHotkey Scripts Download Site

March 29, 2019

Fixed the slow-loading problem in the InstantHotstring.ahk script. (Fixed the InstantHotstring.ahk Script Slow Hotstring Loading Problem.)

March 22, 2019

I think this is the first time I’ve taken a systematic look at setting fonts and colors in AutoHotkey GUI window controls (“Formatting Fonts and Colors in AutoHotkey GUI Window Controls“).

March 14, 2019

What really slowed down the loading of Hotstring files, AutoHotkey Script Speed Problems (Scripting Insights).

March 11, 2019

Sometimes we need a Progress window to convince us that our computer didn’t crash (Use Progress Bars When Loading Large Data Files (An InstantHotstrings Feature)).

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March 7, 2019

IPFind NewI’ve updated the IPFind.ahk world IP address location script with a different Web site. The original site stopped working and provided less information. (The image at left shows the new IPFind message box.) I’ve added the change to my list of future blogs.

February 28, 2019

Timing Script Speed (AutoHotkey Quick Tip)

February 20, 2019

Loading Hotstrings into the InstantHotstring.ahk Script from Any AutoHotkey (.ahk) File

February 15, 2019

The Duality of Curly Brackets in Hotstrings (Beginning AutoHotkey Tips) Continue reading