Writing AutoHotkey Functions to Make Life Easier

If You Find that You Often Rewrite the Same or Similar Code, Then Investigate Using a Function

A Question about AutoHotkey Functions:

Hi Jack, I very much appreciate your simple and easy to understand explanations and would really appreciate it if you would do a blog on how to use Functions in AutoHotkey. I’ve put together a tool for work that writes a series of different text strings based on menu choices and need to be able to log their use. My efforts to do so by using Functions have come to naught and I have fallen back to a series of several repetitive statements that I know could be done much more neatly. I’d be happy to send you an example if you’d like to work from that. Thanks! [Example received.]

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AutoHotkey Vs. AutoIt Free Windows Scripting Languages

While Both AutoHotkey and AutoIt Are Powerful Scripting Languages, AutoHotkey Has the Advantage of Simple, Built-In Support for Hotkeys and Hotstrings—Making It the Choice for People Who “Don’t Want to Learn That Much Programming!”

When planning to automate Windows computer tasks, people are faced with a decision between the AutoHotkey and AutoIt scripting languages. Since both come from the same roots, you might expect that many things you learn in one of the free programs would apply to both. If that were true, then there would be no decision. Continue reading