AutoCorrect Anything in Windows with AutoHotkey

I’ve been using AutoHotkey for a number of years, but one of the most satisfying apps which I use everyday, whether writing an e-mail, working on this blog, or filling out Web forms, is an implementation of AutoHotkey AutoCorrect. Whenever I mistype the word “the” by entering “eht” or ” teh” it automatically changes to the correct form. “Mispelling” becomes “misspelling.” “They;re” converts to “they’re.” It’s great when I make a mistake which gets fixed right before my eyes. Autocorrection is one of the most powerful ways for the average person to use AutoHotkey and it’s so easy to do.

The format for each autocorrect line is simply:


In this case, each line in the AutoHotkey (.ahk) text file gives a replacement for typos in the word “and” automatically fixing the error. The AHK file found at my AutoHotkey download site in the file contains thousands of commonly misspelled words in the AutoHotkey text replacement format. (This file was originally found at the AutoHotkey Web site.) At the end of the file, I’ve included a number of personal additions. You can easily do the same by adding short hotstrings for e-mail addresses:

business jargon:

::IBI::International Brain Institute

or commonly used words:


Type the letters followed by a space or punctuation and the text replacement is executed.

I’ve written about how to implement automatic text correction many times in the past, but highlight it here because it is one of the best ways to use AutoHotkey on a regular basis. Many Windows word processing programs have their own autocorrect built in, but the beauty of AutoHotkey is that it will work in any text editing–whether in a Windows program or on the Web. Plus, you can tailor it to exactly what you want to do.

While there is much more that AutoHotkey can do, you don’t need to do anything else to get your own Windows autocorrect app. You can do as little or as much as you like. To get started see, “Installing AutoHotkey and Writing Your First Script.” Best of all, AutoHotkey and all the scripts I provide are free.

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