Replacing Overused Words with Pop-up Synonym Menus, (Part 7, Beginning Hotstrings)

Whether You’re a Student or Merely Want to Improve Your Writing, Use Hotstring Menus to Insert Substitutes for Over Abused Words…Plus Another Free AutoHotkey Script!

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Add Currency (and Other) Symbols with AutoHotkey Hotstring Menus (Part 6, Beginning Hotstrings)

Use AutoHotKey Hotstring Menus to Add Currency Symbols to Any Windows Program or on the Web

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How to Turn AutoHotkey Hotstring AutoCorrect Pop-up Menus into a Function, (Part 5, Beginning Hotstrings)

Save Redundant AutoHotkey Code by Creating a Function for Pop-up Hotstring Menus

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Make Your Own Text AutoCorrect Hotstring Pop-up Menus with AutoHotkey, (Part 4, Beginning Hotstrings)

Sometimes a Common Misspelling Has More Than One Possible Replacement Word. Here’s How to Add an AutoHotkey Pop-up Menu for Easy Word Selection.

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Adding Action to AutoHotKey HotStrings, Plus a Trick for Creating IF Conditional Hotstring Text Replacements (Part 3, Beginning Hotstrings)

How to Add Action to AutoHotKey Hotstrings; Solving an AutoCorrect Problem with IF-ELSE Conditions

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Beginning Tips for AutoHotkey Hotstring Text Correction and Text Expansion (Part 2: Hotstring Options B0, C and O)

Practical Ways to Use No Backspace (B0), Case Sensitive (C), and Omit Last Character (O) Options in Your AutoHotkey Hotstring AutoCorrect Script; Expanding Abbreviations; Capitalization Issues; Automatically Adding Script and Programming Codes

Last time, I discussed possible ways to use instant replacement (*) and internal word text replacement (?) options in your AutoHotkey Hotstring AutoCorrect script. That’s just a couple of the methods where you can use Hotstring options to add more power to your AutoCorrect script. This time we start with an example which combines the No Backspace (B0), Case Sensitive (C), and Omit Last Character (O) options in one Hotstring for expanding abbreviations.

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