ComputorEdge E-Books Affiliates Sales Program

Participate in Earnings through ComputorEdge E-Books ShareASale Affiliate Marketing

I signed up as a merchant with the ShareASale affiliate marketing system. This allows other Internet sites to sign up as affiliates and earn revenue on my AutoHotkey book sales. I went with the ShareASale marketing system for a number of reasons:

  1. ShareASale reviews well. While no program is perfect, ShareASale received many more positive comments than most other affiliate marketing programs. They rate highly for customer service.
  2. Web sites can sign up free as affiliates for marketing and earn commissions on products from ShareASale merchants. Once approved by ShareASale, program participants experience no charges. Only merchants pay fees and make payments through ShareASale to the affiliates on earned commissions.
  3.  Using a third-party service such as ShareASale allows me to concentrate on AutoHotkey without worrying about calculating commissions or making payments. ShareASale automatically handles everything.

The primary negative cited in the reviews complained about ShareASale not using PayPal to make affiliate payments. ShareASale primarily employs direct bank deposit.

As an Affiliate, “What’s in it for me?”

If running banner ads and text links on your site for commissions as a ComputorEdge E-Books affiliate marketer looks attractive, you may ask “What’s in it for me?” Good question!

Better commissions and more e-book format options. You could join Amazon’s affiliate program to sell my AutoHotkey books (and anything else that Amazon offers), but the most you can get is 6%. Although better than nothing, the Amazon e-book market also limits sales to the Kindle book format. Through the ComputorEdge E-Books ShareASale program, you can earn 20% on all sales. Plus, the e-books are available in three formats (EPUB, MOBI for the Amazon Kindle, and PDF for viewing and printing).

AutoHotkey_Tricks_150Credit for all sales for 90 days. Once someone clicks on an affiliate link, ShareASale places a 90-day cookie on their computer—even if only responding to the free download of the e-book AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought to Do with Windows. If at anytime within that 90-day period the user returns and makes a purchase, the affiliate gets the credit and the commission.

As an additional benefit for those AutoHotkey specific service sites, I’m also planning a directory of AutoHotkey affiliates at ComputorEdge which links directly to their sites. Designed for people who need more help with AutoHotkey, this page will offer a list of support sites specializing in AutoHotkey. (Affiliates qualify for addition to the page on a case by case basis.)

How Affiliate Marketing Works

To get a better understanding of how affiliate marketing works, I signed up with ShareASale as a new affiliate. I can now earn commission on sales created by ads I run on As an example, I signed up with The Linux Foundation which offers courses for people interested in learning Linux. (I know …AutoHotkey only runs on Windows, but Linux—or one of its variations—takes on the role of the best operating system for servers. Plus, it’s free! Linux knowledge certainly enhances the résumé.)

As an affiliate I can not only run pre-designed banner ads, as shown for The Linux Foundation on the main ComputorEdge page (click the link and check one-third of the way down the page on the right), but also add affiliate links directly to the text, such as this “Learn for FREE at!” (Caution: I’ve included the actual ShareASale links for demonstration purposes. If you hover over the link and take a closer look , you can see that the link first goes to ShareASale with the merchant and affiliate coding embedded, then redirects to the target merchant page. Testing the link places a cookie on your computer. If you happen to buy any courses, I’ll be earning the big bucks!)

However, if you keep your cookies turned off or return to The Linux Foundation from a different computer, then I won’t get credit for any sales. Also, if you return to the site through another affiliate, the cookie gets overwritten by the latest contact and I lose again. ShareASales says that they have other ways to verify earned commissions, but I haven’t been using the system long enough to understand how that is done. Otherwise, the user gets tracked every time they return during the life of the cookie—even  if they directly access the page through favorites. (Studies say that overwritten cookies are rare.)

Do I Get Credit If They Return Through Google?

That’s a good question. Generally, the answer is, “Yes!” If they do a search for “ComputorEdge E-Books” or “AutoHotkey books” the listing will either take the user directly to the book site or one of the ComputorEdge pages which link to the book site. In that case, the affiliate gets credit for the sale. However, if they return through another affiliate’s page, then the most recent affiliate gets credit. There is some argument as to who should get the credit, but ShareASale uses the last affiliate cookie set as the rule.

The free AutoHotkey book AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought to Do with Windows contains numerous book links, but none of them overwrite the affiliate cookie. If someone uses the links in the free book to make purchases at ComputorEdge E-Books, then the affiliate cookie last set gets credited.

A common affiliate program issue crops up with coupon Web sites poaching sales commissions. This happens when a buyer in the middle of a purchase sees a coupon code fill-in-blank. Human nature prompts the buyer to do a coupon search. Coupon sites specialize in advertising coupons on search engines—even if no coupons exist. They harvest these searches stealing commissions. When the buyer re-enters the merchant site through the coupon site link, the system overwrites the original affiliate cookie.

To deal with this issue, I’ve made a point of deleting all ComputorEdge E-Books coupons. Now, no “Enter Coupon Code” field appears during the checkout process, thus eliminating the users urge to search for a coupon code. (I’ve noticed that coupon site affiliates have stopped trying to sign up for the ComputorEdge E-Books affiliate program since I removed all coupons.)

I’ve just begun learning about how this system works, but I will be responsive to any affiliate concerns. If you would like to explore this program, learn more by either signing up as a ShareASale affiliate (it’s free!) or do a Google search on affiliate marketing programs. I made ShareASale my exclusive marketing system.

Any questions? Enter them into the form below and click the submit button. I’ll respond personally.






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