Windows Programming Made Easy (Why AutoHotkey?)

Never Programmed Before? You’ll Find No Better Language for Learning Than AutoHotkey!

Note: A free scripting language for Window computers, AutoHotkey provides simple techniques for controlling and adding power to your PC. Since today (and into the foreseeable future) Windows PCs continue to represent 90% of the desktop and laptop computers, knowing how to write simple AutoHotkey scripts adds significant experience to anyone’s résumé. Do it for fun and profit! Continue reading

The New Edition of the Free “AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought to Do with Windows” Book

The Amazon Experiment Ends with This Third Edition (June 20, 2019, Now Fifth Edition)—The E-Book AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought to Do with Windows Free from Now On!

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Surprising AutoHotkey Hotstrings

We Tend to Take for Granted the Basic AutoHotkey Hotstring Without Investigating Its Full Potential

One of the first things a beginner learns about AutoHotkey is its easy implementation of Hotstrings—the simple technique for adding text replacement and text expansion to any AutoHotkey script. It’s used primarily for AutoCorrect apps, but is largely overlooked for more involved scripts. In most of my previous books, I was sure to include something about Hotstrings, but it was never my chief focus. Continue reading

An AutoHotkey “Duh!” Moment

Every So Often You Slap Yourself on the Side of the Head When You Realized How Simple It Really Was!

Maybe it’s just me, but do you ever find yourself spending hours (or possibly days) on a problem only to later find an easy solution staring you right in the face? Possibly, you developed a working solution—but it was  a little convoluted. Maybe, if you had leaned back, relaxed, and rethought the situation, you would have seen your error and never charged off into the coding bog. When the truth comes out, it’s always a little embarrassing. Continue reading

Inserting Future (or Past) Dates and Times with AutoHotkey GUIs and Hotstring Menus (continued), (Part 11, Beginning Hotstrings)

Using the DateTime GUI to Enter Both Times and Dates into the AutoHotkey Hotstring Replacement Menus

Last time, I added the MonthCal GUI control to the DateMenus.ahk script which allows the selection of any date for the date formatting pop-up menu. The primary problem with using the MonthCal GUI was that there is no time component in the result. If all you need is the date inserted into a document, then MonthCal works great. However, to get an option for including any time of day, the DateTime GUI control does the trick. Continue reading

Inserting Future (or Past) Dates and Times with AutoHotkey GUIs and Hotstring Menus, (Part 10, Beginning Hotstrings)

Add Methods for Inserting Any Future or Past Date or Time into Your Windows and Web Documents with AutoHotkey GUI (Graphical User Interface) Pop-ups Using Hotstring Menus.

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