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Updated: October 20, 2016

Maybe you already know this one, but I recently discovered an interesting fact about the AutoHotkey.com Web site. It’s important information for any AutoHotkey user. I’ve never seen it documented before, but I may have just missed it. You’re going to like this one!

Update: October 14, 2016

This week’s blog looks at a script which automatically opens a Web thesaurus and searches for a previously highlighted word. The short blog I wrote about Visual Thesaurus for ComputorEdge Software Showcase sparked this idea.

In the process of working on this one, more inspirations sprang forth for making AutoHotkey scripting easier through the online reference site. Plus, I stumbled upon a secret feature of AutoHotkey.com. (It’s only a secret because it isn’t well publicized.) I’ll address those epiphanies in coming weeks.

Update: October 13, 2016

Joe Glines and Jackie Sztuk offer their next live AutoHotkey webinar on October 18 at 4:00pm (EDT).

Updated: October 7, 2016

This week I discuss a common AutoHotkey problem with System Tray icon menus.

Plus, I took a close look at Nutcache Project Management in the ComputorEdge Software Showcase. If you manage collaborative tasks or merely need to bid jobs or bill clients, then Nutcache offers a powerful, yet free, system. Continue reading

Build Your Own AutoHotkey Command Reference Tool (An AutoHotkey Secret)

Learn a Hidden AutoHotkey Trick for Quickly Accessing AutoHotkey Online Command Information

Occasionally (completely by accident), I come across surprising, eye-opening tips. In my last blog, I used an AutoHotkey script to access an online thesaurus by merely highlighting robotsecretcartoona word and hitting the assigned Hotkey. I began checking other Web sites for how easily I could run a similar site search. Naturally, since I include links to the Web reference commands in virtually every blog I write, I checked out AutoHotkey.com. In the process, I uncovered a remarkable secret. Continue reading

Make Instant Web Page Searches Your Online Thesaurus (Intermediate AutoHotkey Tip)

Expand Your Vocabulary with This Quick and Dirty AutoHotkey Tip Or Modify This Script for Any Web Page Search

This week in ComputorEdge Software Showcase I reviewed Visual Thesaurus which offers a clever way to search for and understand English synonyms. Anyone who does a great deal of writing (or merely wants to self-educate) needs a good thesaurus. While the vocabulary enhancement androidprotestcartoonsoftware fascinated me and I certainly found it uniquely useful, it appeared to be insulated from the usual AutoHotkey techniques. (Other than by first saving the result to a PDF, I found no easy technique for copying a word to the clipboard. Plus, when opening, the app does not accept preloading a search term.) Beyond launching the program with a Hotkey, I didn’t see a simple method for automating the program with AutoHotkey. Other Web thesaurus sites make it easier to launch replacement word searches. Continue reading

Adding Actions to Windows System Tray Icon Menu (Intermediate AutoHotkey Tip)

Adding Hard-to-Remember Hotkeys to the AutoHotkey System Tray Icon Makes Sense—Plus, How to Best Activate the Last Window

I’ve put my MousePrecise AutoHotkey script on my own list of favorites. I like the mouse cursor accuracy it adds to any of my graphic applications. I find it particularly useful when selecting a portion of an image for cropping or moving.

However, I recently ran into an issue where the script stopped working in Paint.NET (more details on the source of the problem later in this blog). I tried reloading the script, but to no avail. I decided to use the Hotkey I implemented for adding the window class to the group (GroupAdd command). Humm…I couldn’t recall the key combination. This lapse of memory forced me to open the script and dig through the code. Continue reading

AutoHotkey and Linux

Why Isn’t There a Linux Version of AutoHotkey for Automating Computer Systems?

When someone likes something, they want it everywhere. Many AutoHotkey lovers question why the free Windows-base scripting language hasn’t invaded other operating systems. AutoHotkey works great for many Windows users and some want the same (or similar) capabilities in Linux. However, there are numerous reasons why an actively supported version of AutoHotkey does not exist outside Windows. Continue reading

Fixing Grammar Problems with Google Search (Intermediate AutoHotkey Tip)

The GooglePhraseFix AutoHotkey Script Corrects Many Common Spelling and Grammar Errors While Demonstrating How to Download Information from the Web…Without Opening a Browser

As a novel and practical AutoHotkey script worth stealing, I highlighted the GooglePhaseFix script written by aaston86 in Chapter Nine of the free e-book AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows. (It originally appeared in the old AutoHotkey forum.) However, I didn’t take the time in the book to point out the important AutoHotkey tricks used for quickly downloading data from Web pages for immediate use or display. The GooglePhaseFix script offers some unique tools for accessing Web sites and extracting useful information. Continue reading

Free AutoHotkey Webinars

Get Your AutoHotkey Questions Answered Live Via Webinars

Joe Glines (“Automating my world; 1 script @ a time!“) and Jackie Sztuk (“Helping you learn AutoHotkey“)  collaborate on a new live AutoHotkey webinar on September 20 at 4:00pm (EDT). Anyone who wants to learn more about AutoHotkey or ask these two AutoHotkey devotees specific questions should attend. Continue reading

ComputorEdge E-Books Affiliates Sales Program

Participate in Earnings through ComputorEdge E-Books ShareASale Affiliate Marketing

I signed up as a merchant with the ShareASale affiliate marketing system. This allows other Internet sites to sign up as affiliates and earn revenue on my AutoHotkey book sales. Continue reading