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Updated: September 22, 2016

I recently started a new blog called ComputorEdge Software Showcase where I write about partner software products. That means I’ve found their program or service in the ShareASale affiliate program useful and signed up to help market the software through ComputorEdge sites—just as other affiliates market my AutoHotkey books.

In my first post, I write about Grammarly proofreading and grammar checking software. That prompted me to take a closer look with this week’s blog at the GooglePhraseFix AutoHotkey script which provides a clever way to analyze potential grammar problems. Continue reading

Fixing Grammar Problems with Google Search (Intermediate AutoHotkey Tip)

The GooglePhraseFix AutoHotkey Script Corrects Many Common Spelling and Grammar Errors While Demonstrating How to Download Information from the Web…Without Opening a Browser

As a novel and practical AutoHotkey script worth stealing, I highlighted the GooglePhaseFix script written by aaston86 in Chapter Nine of the free e-book AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows. (It originally appeared in the old AutoHotkey forum.) However, I didn’t take the time in the book to point out the important AutoHotkey tricks used for quickly downloading data from Web pages for immediate use or display. The GooglePhaseFix script offers some unique tools for accessing Web sites and extracting useful information. Continue reading

Free AutoHotkey Webinars

Get Your AutoHotkey Questions Answered Live Via Webinars

Joe Glines (“Automating my world; 1 script @ a time!“) and Jackie Sztuk (“Helping you learn AutoHotkey“)  collaborate on a new live AutoHotkey webinar on September 20 at 4:00pm (EDT). Anyone who wants to learn more about AutoHotkey or ask these two AutoHotkey devotees specific questions should attend. Continue reading

ComputorEdge E-Books Affiliates Sales Program

Participate in Earnings through ComputorEdge E-Books ShareASale Affiliate Marketing

I signed up as a merchant with the ShareASale affiliate marketing system. This allows other Internet sites to sign up as affiliates and earn revenue on my AutoHotkey book sales. Continue reading

Marketing AutoHotkey

While AutoHotkey Experiences Excellent Acceptance and Growth, It Remains an Obscure Language for Many Windows Users. Free Software Usually Only Spreads by Word-of-Mouth.

Except within the clued-in user community, open source software generally suffers from a lack of marketing. After all, free software offers little incentive to run paid advertising. Program such as AutoHotkey almost totally depend upon user referrals for growth. While the dedicated AutoHotkey community offers tremendous support to users through online documentation, dedicated sites, and specialized forums, as individuals personally recommend automating with AutoHotkey, the word spreads one Windows user as a time. Continue reading

Windows Programming Made Easy

Never Programmed Before? You’ll Find No Better Language for Learning Than AutoHotkey!

Note: A free scripting language for Window computers, AutoHotkey provides simple techniques for controlling and adding power to your PC. Since today (and into the foreseeable future) Windows PCs continue to represent 90% of the desktop and laptop computers, knowing how to write simple AutoHotkey scripts adds significant experience to anyone’s résumé. Do it for fun and profit! Continue reading

Peek Inside Windows Clipboard, Part 2 (Intermediate AutoHotkey OnClipboardChange Tip)

An AutoHotkey OnClipboardChange Script for Running the Most Appropriate of Two Different Clipboard Peeking Apps

Last time, I discussed viewing the contents of Windows Clipboard using either the AutoHotkey Clipboard variable or an old Microsoft Clipbook Viewer (clipbrd.exe). While the AutoHotkey MsgBox command script offers superior results whenever copied files sit in the clipboard (e.g. a text list of the paths to each file), the ClipBook Viewer better displays bitmap image files. Rather than setting up different Hotkeys for each approach, wouldn’t a script which picks the best approach for the specific data type found in the clipboard help optimize viewing process? Ideally, the AutoHotkey app would use the Clipboard variable whenever the Windows Clipboard contains text and open the ClipBook Viewer whenever the clipboard holds an image. First, we must identify the type of data found in the clipboard. Continue reading

Peek Inside Windows Clipboard (Beginning AutoHotkey Tip)

A Quick, Easy Way to View Windows Clipboard Contents

There are some great AutoHotkey Clipboard scripts. In particular, the free ClipJump, written in AutoHotkey and maintained by Avi Aryan, represents a major upgrade in practical Clipboard-like apps. People now use ClipJump to replace no longer supported third-party programs. But not everyone needs that much clipboard. What if you only want to take a peek at your clipboard’s contents? Continue reading